Global Youth Statement

“We are a global 4-H culture, and together we move forward.

We have exchanged ideas, stories, and 4-H experiences. We have acquired the confidence to step outside of our comfort zones and to form partnerships that will help to expand the reach of our 4-H programs.

We are committed to supporting one another in our aspirations towards greatness.

[Our power as youth] lies in the persistence that we have, which gives us the patience and understanding to work towards making long-term change in our communities.

While the pledge may differ from country to country, the essence of what this program represents remains universal. Because as 4-H members we embody the traits represented by the ever constant symbols of head, heart, hands, and health.

We aren’t the youth of the future, we aren’t the leaders of tomorrow.

We are the leaders of today!

The drivers of change… as together, we move forward, together, we have the power to make true and lasting change;

for our clubs,
our communities,
our countries,
and our world.”


– Prepared and presented at the 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit Closing Ceremonies in Ottawa, Canada by Sheheryar Khan, Çlirim Sheremeti, Sara Kate Smith, Lindy Couch, Abby Korb, Anna Schuster, June Nanjala, Matthew Mere Donald, Jose Granados with the advice of Casey Moray

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