July 11th - 14th 2017

Global 4-H Network

Opportunities Expo

Join the Global 4-H Opportunities Expo

Does your school strive to produce leading-edge research and place the brightest talent in the industry?

Are you looking to hire driven, talented young people from across Canada and around the world?

Is attracting more caring volunteers and professionals important to your organization?

Do you want to reach community leaders?

If any of these apply to your organization, then the Global 4-H Opportunities Expo is the place for you this July!


true-leadersThe Global 4-H Network is comprised of a community of dedicated and caring volunteers who deliver the 4-H program—successfully developing confident, caring and responsible youth leaders. With the skills and attributes developed through 4-H, youth members and alumni are highly sought after by employers who know that 4-H’ers are driven, confident, responsible and dedicated to life-long learning.

For the first time ever, organizations and educational institutes are invited to speak directly to global 4-H youth, together in one location at the Global 4-H Network Summit, sharing opportunities, and recruiting prospective students and employees.

Who will attend the Global 4-H Network Summit?

  • 200+ 4-H youth (aged 16-25) from Canada and around the world
  • 150+ Canadian and American 4-H volunteer leaders and professionals
  • 50+ global 4-H professionals
  • Local 4-H members and parents
  • Interested Ottawa youth
  • Industry-leading corporate partners
  • National and international government stakeholders

4-Hers, Find Your Next Move!

img_0762Taking place over the final two days of the Summit, the Global 4-H Opportunities Expo will provide a forum for organizations, companies, and educational institutes to showcase opportunities and connect with 4-H delegates in a tradeshow-style expo. Opportunities promoted could include:

  • Tools and resources
  • Partnerships
  • Volunteering and travel opportunities
  • Post-secondary education
  • Careers and internships
  • Mentorship

In addition, 4-H countries will also be able to showcase their program to other delegates, stakeholders, high-level officials, media and guests.

Limited space available! Contact us to reserve your booth today!