July 11th - 14th 2017

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Want to Support 4–H? Get Involved!

The global 4-H community believes the power to build a more sustainable future lies with today’s youth. In supporting the 2017 Global 4–H Network Summit, you will help bring together today’s brightest youth leaders from around the world and empower them to increase resources, share ideas and develop solutions to change our world.



By 2025, our goal is to reach 25 million 4-H members internationally to help empower youth leaders, foster healthy and thriving communities around the world and create sustainable change for the future. And we can’t do it without you. We encourage the global community to join us in empowering the world’s young people to build a better world.

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4–H offers practical skill building activities, meaningful leadership roles and partnerships with caring adult volunteers. These three elements create a unique experience that equips young people for success. Without the world’s leading corporations, the 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit would not be possible.

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Join the 4-H Opportunities Expo

If you’re looking to connect with passionate, socially-conscious young leaders or work with the organizations growing global leaders, this is where you want to be! On July 13 & 14, we will host a tradeshow-style expo for educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and corporate partners to connect with delegates, high-level officials, stakeholders and media.

Join the Global 4-H Network Opportunities Expo

Send a Delegate

Give back to your community and empower a youth leader! By helping a global 4-H delegate to attend the 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit in Ottawa, Canada, individuals and organizations can make a lasting impact in the areas of leadership development, capacity building and sustainable change in the countries that need it most.

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Thank you to our partners that make the 2017 Global 4–H Network Summit possible.