July 11th - 14th 2017

Tips to Help You


Fundraising Tips to Support Your Attendance at the Global 4-H Network Summit

Here are some tips and suggestions to help your fundraising efforts to attend the Global 4-H Network Summit

How much do I need to raise?

The Global 4-H Network Summit will take place in Ottawa, Canada from July 11-14, 2017. The registration fee for global professionals, leaders, and youth members is $800.

This fee includes ground transportation in Ottawa, meals and the full Global 4-H Network Summit program, including the Evening Signature Events.

Flight and hotel costs should also be taken into account when planning your fundraising campaign.

Who should I approach for sponsorship?

Brainstorm a list of potential companies or organizations who may be interested in sponsoring you.

Local companies and organizations:
We suggest that you only approach local companies or organizations who you have a strong connection with (e.g. you work for or have previously worked for, your family has a long business relationship with, employees have kids in 4-H, etc.). Consider companies and organizations who are passionate about developing strong youth leaders in your community.

Remember to share information with your potential funders to demonstrate why you are making an impact and how they will benefit or take pride in their support of your participation in the Summit.

Some universities will support students with funding for courses, training, and experiences, including those where travel is required. Ask your student career services. Alternatively, if you have already graduated, you could get in touch with your alumni association.

Service Clubs:
Many local service clubs have a mandate to support youth leadership in the community. Talk to people in your community to find out who you need to contact and what the process is to request funding from these clubs. Often clubs will ask for a presentation at one of their meetings in return for funding.

Contact the Canadian Embassy / Consulate in your country to see if they could help you to secure funding towards your participation in the Summit.

Are there any tools I can use?

Fundraising Platforms
Consider creating a “crowd-funding” profile on one of the following websites. Crowd-funding allows anyone in the world to contribute towards your cause, by donating on-line through your personal profile.

Step 1: Do some research on the best crowdfunding site for you. Many sites are free to set-up, but they will take a small percentage of the total amount raised as their fee while others require you to raise the full amount of your goal before you get any of the funds. Check out GoFundMe and Chimp as a couple good options.

Step 2: Create a profile by filling out the questions provided on the website. Feel free to send us a draft of your profile before posting if you would like assistance with English wording and editing.

In general, profiles should include:

• Who you are (include a photo, your name, title and how you are connected to 4-H – your story)
• What organization you are part of and what your organization’s work involves (what does your 4-H program do?)
• What you are seeking support for (participation in the Global 4-H Network Summit in Canada in July 2017)
• Why the Summit is important and how you will benefit from being part of it.

Step 3: Share your profile by sending the link to your network of partners, co-workers and friends.

Step 4: Send us the link to your profile so that we can promote it and share it among our networks too.

A sponsorship appeal letter from the Global 4-H Network Chair
This letter provides your potential sponsor with information on what the Global 4-H Network Summit is, as well as the positive impact it will have on 4-H around the world and local communities. Please contact us to formally request this letter.

Can 4-H Canada sponsor me or provide funding assistance?

Unfortunately, 4-H Canada is unable to provide delegates with financial assistance toward travel or registration costs.