What’s Your 4-H Story?

January 5, 2017

share-your-4H-storyMy 4-H Story – An Interactive & Inspirational Showcase of 4-H Around the World

In over 70 countries around the world, 4-H is inspiring leaders to be agents of change in their communities and countries through the common approach of hands-on learning with an adult mentor.

Millions of 4-H members are making a difference in their communities by completing a wide variety of projects, participating in community service activities and designing their own unique life path. We want to share these stories with the world!

Why Share?

When we share stories of 4-H success, the 4-H movement as a whole benefits. These stories will reinforce the importance 4-H plays in developing caring and contributing community leaders. These stories will also help 4-H organizations attract new volunteers and demonstrate to government officials and private corporations our role in delivering leadership in positive youth development. There are two (2) ways you can share your story: show the world by taking over our Instagram account or tell us and we will share it on our blog!

1) Show the World!Share-Your-Club-Photos

Using the Global 4-H Network Summit Instagram account, you will be given the “keys” to the account for one (1) week to post photos and share Instagram stories about your 4-H club.

We encourage you to choose a week when you have a 4-H club event or meeting happening so you can show the days leading up to and during the event. You can also save some photos to share on less busy days. You only need to share 1-2 photos per day.

2) Tell Us!

From February to July 2017, we will publish a series of stories about 4-H around the world on the Global 4-H Network Summit Blog. To participate, all you need to do is answer a couple of questions about your 4-H club and experience and send us a few photos. We will do the rest!

How Can I Participate?

Complete the form below indicating your interest. We will follow-up with you by email to learn more about your 4-H club and schedule your story. Stories will be scheduled throughout February – July and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, so don’t delay!

Only one story per club will be shared and if there are multiple stories from the same country we may be unable to publish them all.

We will do our best to accommodate Instagram takeovers but we can’t guarantee specific weeks.

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