Meet our Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Premier Partner – Syngenta

April 13, 2017

Over the coming months, we will be introducing you to some of our Premier Partners to share in their words why the Global 4-H Network Summit is important. We are grateful to work with partners who support the vision of 4-H globally and thank all our partners for their generous contributions to the Global 4-H Network Summit.


Q:     Briefly describe what your company does.

A:      Syngenta is a leading agriculture company with more than 28,000 employees in over 90 countries dedicated to our purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. With products in crop protection, seedcare, seeds and trait technologies, Syngenta is helping improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. We are committed to rescuing land from degradation, enhancing biodiversity, and revitalizing rural communities. In recognition of this, Syngenta has launched The Good Growth Plan, consisting of six important commitments we have made to help address major food security and sustainability challenges by 2020.

Q:      Why are you excited to be part of the global 4-H movement?

A:      4-H holds a special place here at Syngenta. 4-H programs are a staple of the rural landscape, where our customers and employees live, work, and play. 4-H helps strengthen rural communities by delivering skills and leadership building programs, which is why Syngenta has partnered with 4-H since our formation in 2000, and made 4-H an important part of our Giving Back to Agriculture® program.

Q:      What is your favourite 4-H memory or proudest 4-H moment?Proud-to-be-a-4Her

A:      In the past four years, Syngenta and 4-H Canada developed Proud to Bee a 4-H’er, an initiative where 4-H club members learn about bees and other pollinators. Participating 4-H clubs support the establishment of and create bee-friendly habitats using Proud to Bee a 4-H’er bee-friendly seed packets. 4-H’ers are also able to learn all about the amazing and fascinating work of bees by getting outside and enjoying nature, and use the seed packets to raise funds for their local clubs. To date, close to 100,000 seed packets have been distributed across Canada.

Q:      What does your company see as the greatest area of change youth have the power to affect?

A:      Youth have the ability to change the conversation about food and agriculture and the important roles they play in our lives, not just economically, but also environmentally, and socially. They also have an important role to play in telling the story of agriculture and food and helping to bridge the gap between rural and urban as it relates to agriculture and food production.

Q:      What do you hope delegates will learn about your company during the Summit?

A:      We hope delegates leave knowing that Syngenta is making significant efforts to improve the sustainability of agriculture and our business through The Good Growth Plan and its six commitments. Syngenta is a company that provides products and solutions to help farmers address global food security challenges for a global population. We work by looking at agriculture through the eyes of growers, and by applying world-class science to develop crop protection, seedcare, seeds and trait technologies, and products. At the same time, however, agriculture is not without its challenges. And, if we want it to continue to succeed, and to seize the opportunity it provides, we need to find solutions to these unprecedented challenges. Quite simply, we need to grow more food using fewer resources, while protecting nature and improving life for people in rural communities

Q:      What do you hope to learn from the global 4-H delegates attending the Summit?

A:      We’re looking forward to the energy and excitement that 4-H’ers bring to the Summit. The Summit is an incredible learning opportunity for everyone involved, bringing forward ideas and perspectives from around the world. We want to hear from the delegates about their ideas for the future of agriculture, sustainability, and technology’s role in modern farming. We know we don’t have all the answers. So, we’re looking to collaborate with others.

Q:      What kind of positions and career opportunities does your company offer for youth interested in working in your field?

A:      The Syngenta team is more than 28,000 people strong, and present in over 90 countries. We offer rewarding work and career opportunities that encourage personal and professional growth in an exciting and evolving workplace. Working with Syngenta provides opportunities to participate in a wide variety of initiatives, tackling important issues at the cutting edge of our industry. As a leading global organization, our team is helping farmers feed a global population by Bringing plant potential to life. We have a broad range of career opportunities, from student internships to summer research positions, new graduates and mid-career employment.


Syngenta representatives will be on hand throughout the Summit and in the Opportunities Expo. You can learn more about the Proud to Bee a 4-H’er partnership with 4-H Canada during the 4-H Canada Showcase on Thursday, July 13 at 10:30am.

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