4-H Member Spotlight: Liam O’Brien

May 1, 2017

When Liam O’Brien contacted us to share his 4-H story, there were so many events happening he had trouble picking a week to participate! So is the life of this 4-H member, who at only age 16, is also a volunteer counselor at his 4-H camp.

Liam is from Canada’s maritime province of Newfoundland. While small in population, Newfoundland is big on culture. Newfoundlanders are known for their humour and they enjoy a good time. We are looking forward to meeting Liam, and the rest of the Newfoundland 4-H delegation, this summer in Ottawa.

Liam O’Brien, 16, 4-H Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)

What projects does your 4-H club do or what club projects are common in your area?

My 4-H club does sports and recreation, crafts, baking, gardening, volunteering, science and more!

Why did you join 4-H?

I joined 4-H when I was in grade one, so I’m not sure why I joined, however, the reason that I did not quit is I saw the great things that 4-H had to offer! From when I was ten years old and competing in my first provincial speak off (which I compete in almost every year) to now and having the opportunity to travel to Ottawa twice this year to participate in Citizenship Congress and the Global 4-H Summit. These experiences, as well as all the new friends, are the reasons that I am in 4-H.

What is your favourite 4-H memory?

My all-time favourite memory in 4-H was my trip to Alberta in July of 2016 during a Club to Club exchange. I traveled with other members from a nearby club and we stayed in Southern Alberta for a week. Later in July, the Albertans came to Newfoundland. During these two weeks, I learned so much about another part of Canada and even some about Newfoundland. I got to experience a different culture, climate, and livelihood. I was able to go to the Buffalo Jump, the Calgary Stampede, and so many other unique things. Overall the experience was so great and memorable and I have friends that will last a lifetime.


Why are you excited to be part of the global 4-H movement?

By preparing youth for the future you are increasing their success rate in life. The 4-H global movement shows hope for the future, that we as a generation of empowered, educated youth, who have been taught strong leadership skills and public speaking from a young age are capable of changing the world. We are capable of making a difference.

What do you do outside 4-H?

I enjoy being creative, exploring, traveling and I go to school. I have been in Army Cadets for five years and I have played piano for ten years. I worked at a nearby store for the past four years. Taking photos and writing are my two favourite hobbies.

What else do you want to share about 4-H?

I am so glad that 4-H has given me the opportunity to have new experiences, make new friends, become a better leader, learn and grow. Without 4-H I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 4-H has opened my eyes to many different things, including the demand for agriculture, the influence of science and technology on the world and the issue of global food security. 4-H is an organization unlike any other; it is empowering, educational and fun. It allows youth to network and it provides us with different perspectives on the world.

Check out Instagram this week to see 4-H through Liam’s eyes as he participates in the 4-H Canada Citizenship Congress.

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