4-H LEARNS – Growing the 4-H Movement by Empowering 4-H Leaders

July 12, 2017

What if you could meet global 4-H leaders all in one hub through the click of a mouse? Today at the Global 4-H Network Summit, 4-H Canada launched 4-H LEARNS (Learn, Educate, Access Resources, Network and Support), a global resource-sharing tool open to all 4-H leaders and professionals around the world.

Through this online platform, 4-H volunteers over the age of 18, can network with global peers, easily find and select favourite resources relevant to their needs and download hundreds of resources such as webinars, training materials and club-related project resources. Over seven million 4-H members will benefit from this easy-to-access online resource available at your fingertips.

Through the 4-H LEARNS discussion groups, leaders can meet a knowledgeable network eager to support one another.  In today’s 4-H LEARNS workshop at the Global 4-H Network Summit, participants from 35 countries identified ideas to continue connecting leaders, resources and communities together through 4-H LEARNS beyond this global event.

“This program will empower users at the grassroots level to help grow the programs in their communities,” said Jen Christie, 4-H Global Summit Chair. “We’re hoping this portal will help recruit new members to 4-H and to not only connect 4-H programs in different countries to one another but also to help create global exposure for 4-H.”

Leaders will eventually also find e-learning events on different 4-H topics and be able to use this platform to communicate upcoming events within the 4-H community.

Worldwide, 4-H’ers are learning to implement their own ideas, from start to finish, through club projects and leadership opportunities where they draw lessons from their mistakes and take the first important steps to personal success. 4-H LEARNS will strengthen this world class positive youth development programming with accessible networks and downloadable global resources.

We’re building generations of leaders who will change the world in ways we can’t imagine, and our movement depends on us supporting every single one of them. Help us better guide today’s youth to learn in a safe, fun and inclusive environment by signing up for #4HLEARNS at and start sharing, browsing and adding to this new global resource today!

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