4-H Ghana – A life changing experience for young people

Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana’s labour force but there’s a surprising lack of education for this industry. Although agriculture plays a large role in maintaining the stability of the economy, as a subject it is removed from school curriculums by junior high school. Appiah Kwaku Boateng (aka Boat) shared his story with summit delegates, explaining the benefits 4-H brings to their community, country and culture. “Because of my nation’s struggle with understanding our needs, I ... READ MORE

Soil Leadership and the Good Growth Plan

According to the United Nations (UN), about 24 per cent of the world’s land that can be used for agriculture is degraded. It is estimated that every year, the planet loses approximately 12 million hectares through desertification, and another 20 million hectares from soil degradation and urbanization. Many of us just don't know how big a hectare is, so here's a visual comparison to provide you with a better understanding. Most sports fields are one hectare in size. The combined figure is ab... READ MORE

Mentorship Circles: Providing 4-H Members a Unique Way to Connect

Mentorship Circles are a unique way for 4-H youth to connect and network directly with mentors from a variety of fields and areas of expertise. The Global 4-H Network Summit hosted today a sessions that focused on the topic of mentorship and science and technology pillar day. This youth adult partnership offers new learning opportunities for our global youth leaders to gain a renewed sense of direction, discover and explore career paths, and engage in challenging discussions that help progres... READ MORE

Day 2 of the 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit

Delegates had a day full of science and technology in store for them on the second day of the 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit in Ottawa. Workshops for the day included a station where delegates could simulate food digestion using basic products, create slime out of polymers, and learning how to easily purify your water. These are just a few examples of the fun and informative activities that took place throughout the day. In a recent effort to embrace emerging opportunities for Canadian youth ... READ MORE

4-H LEARNS – Growing the 4-H Movement by Empowering 4-H Leaders

What if you could meet global 4-H leaders all in one hub through the click of a mouse? Today at the Global 4-H Network Summit, 4-H Canada launched 4-H LEARNS (Learn, Educate, Access Resources, Network and Support), a global resource-sharing tool open to all 4-H leaders and professionals around the world. Through this online platform, 4-H volunteers over the age of 18, can network with global peers, easily find and select favourite resources relevant to thei... READ MORE